Franz-Rau Living Heusenstamm

Year of construction: 2019

Location: Heusenstamm is located about 14 km south of Frankfurt. The infrastructure is excellent: in the vicinity there are schools, kindergartens and high schools, as well as a music school.

Medical care and numerous shopping opportunities are available, and the restaurants are diverse. The shops and restaurants fit harmoniously into the historically evolved cityscape.

Numerous sights can be found in Heusenstamm: The Heusenstammer palace complex, the famous gate building, the old town hall, the baroque church of St. Cäcilia and much more.

Project: The 5 residential units (including an attic apartment with terrace) are located on a property of 724 m².

The building was massively built and has eight underground parking spaces (elevator system), a heated ramp for the winter season, a rotating platform that facilitates parking on the elevator system.

A gas boiler with solar energy support is used as the heating system. Rooms have underfloor heating. All apartments are equipped with an air exhaust system.

There is a rainwater collection tank in the garden, which is located at a depth of about 2.20 m, which makes the irrigation system easier, both economically and practically.

The energy class of this property corresponds to the KfW55 standard: the heat demand is covered using only 55% of the normal energy level that is normally required for a building.

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